Thursday, 20 March 2014

Evaluation Question 4 - DRAFT

Who would be the audience for your media product?

I have decided that my target market will be females aged 16-26, because I believe that is prime age to which where fan girls occur, as well as those who appreciate aesthetic on a page. One of my friends Krish has a big obsession with singer songwriters such as Ed Sheeran, Lewis Watson and Sam Smith, however does't follow them to the extent of which 'crazy' fan girls do on twitter, who follow them globally.

Krish fits my target market of mainstream fan girls because with in that category they like a wide range of clothing styles, as well as music, film and magazine variations, because they are generally just interested in most types of media. You would typically associate my type of target market with girls who spend a lot of time on twitter, and the internet following the tracking of celebrities and what they are releasing.

My band are the typical type of artist which would feature at all the main festivals, such as Glastonbury, Leeds, Reading, T in the Park and BBC Radio 1's BIG WEEKEND. This is because their fan bases are interested in a wide variety of music, which makes these festivals perfect, as they have many genres, such as Indie Rock, Electronic, Pop and Hip Hop.

On Krish's iPod, she has talented artists such as Ed Sheeran, Lewis Watson, Gabrielle Aplin, Frank Hamilton and Nina Nesbitt, however also has many unknown YouTube stars which will be up and coming with in the next few years such as Hobbie Stuart, Taylor Ames and Andrew Bazzi, who are all typical mainstream artists, who cover many different styles on song, on their channels.

In her spare time, my particular target market are interested solely in getting the latest 'gossip' and therefore fashion isn't the most important element to their lifestyle. However they do follow fashion trends, particularly ones that are taking the shops at the current time, so shopping in outlets such as ASOS, Topshop and River Island. Krish respects fashion statements made by her idol Gabrielle Aplin, however doesn't copy her because she doesn't feel she needs to, to be a fan, she can just idolise their figures, as well as the extremely expensive clothes they wear, therefore meaning she isn't bothered about designer brands as much as others her age.

Krish works in a newsagents locally, approximately two minutes walk from her house, and therefore meaning that due to not being old enough to pay board to live at home, she uses her wages of £30 a week on music from stores such as HMV and iTunes, or magazine from the place in which she works, as she gets 10% discount. 

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  1. I'd steer away from little mix and focus more on Ed Sheeran and those signer songwriter artists as Little Mix and One Direction are heavily manufactured and not really associated with the well designed style of magazine you have created.