Monday, 27 January 2014

Extra Inspiration

Even though The Vaccines are not a band that fit my genre, I like this magazine cover for the way it is laid out. Even though the colour palette doesn't include the same colours as mine which I have chosen, it has a unique edge to it, which lots of magazine covers don't.

The thing that struck me was how the cover was sectioned out so each member of the band had their own head shot. This was particularly interesting because it isn't the usual way of representing an artist on the cover of a magazine.

I also like how each band member has relevant information in each box which is relevant to the content inside which attracts the attention of the audience, as there is lots going on. For this genre i feel it is a good idea, however I would have to adapt it for my particular genre as i feel it wouldn't work as well. 

I also like Gabrielle Aplin's EP cover for her song 'Home' as it has a vintage/old edge to it, which I feel fits with the type of artist she is. There is significance with all of Gabrielle Aplin's album artwork as they are all photographed outside which can connote to her audience that her music is fresh with purpose and meaning to every lyric, comparing it to the wind whistling and the natural sounds to the outdoors.

Another which strikes me with this album artwork is the wrinkle look/style. I feel this is extremely effective because it makes the product aesthetically pleasing and captures attention sitting on a shelf in a shop. 

I found inspiration in a painting by Lina Davidaviciute. I feel this is a really effective piece of artwork which really captures emotion and body language of two people. The colours that have been used are significant as they particularly highlight the image of the people who are central, as if they have importance. The use of reflection denotes that in the scene it is raining, and the people are on the street. I feel this is effective as it also demonstrates the outdoor lifestyle which connects with my genre of music.

I don't feel I could replicate the outdoor photography/scenery because the photos I wouldn't be accurate or of a high standard like they would be in the studio, due to the lighting equipment, and unprepared conditions of weather.

This issue of NME with disclosure featured on the front struck me. I felt that this was interesting to have the two men upside down on the cover to show their 'lad' side to them, which creates a jokey and fun image for them. This fits well with their genre of music because it fits in with electronic/dance style, which means being silly and having fun in a club for example.

I would feel it difficult to recreate this, due to the facilities available, however, I feel that for future drafts I could adapt this idea and make it my own, to develop a quirky and fun side to my magazine, which would attract attention to itself as well as the readers, especially a teenage market, as they are all about having a good time.

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