Friday, 24 January 2014

The Logo

With my colour palette of white, black and pastille blue I decided that in order for my logo to be feminine I should use a pastille blue. The reason as to why there are four long lines through the word 'tessellation' in my final design, is because they represent the strings on a guitar. This fits with my genre of artist/band because they play acoustic guitar as a source of aiding their song writing. I liked the first design the most, however I felt that it had no significance or connection to the band, so therefore I decided to continue and create more designs. The third design - underlined with a heart I feel didn't work as well as the others because it was too feminine, and even though my band is two females, they aren't dressed excessively feminine with floral or lace clothing, which is classed more 'girly'. The last design included a navy blue, even though I liked this design, it didn't fit with my colour palette, and therefore I though that it would look out of place in my magazine, which is why I decided to go with the second design, as it had relevance with an inside meaning.

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