Tuesday, 21 January 2014


The singer songwriter genre has a very basic fashion sense. Artists follow the latest trends and styles, but aren't too extravagant, because they keep the basic tone to what they wear.
This helps compliment the factor of 'they are all about the voice'.
Taking Adele as an example, when at awards, or her own concerts, she always keeps to a basic dress, which not only can connote she illustrates she is proud of her figure, but it keeps the attention more towards her voice, rather than what she is wearing.
The make up she wears, is always more centered towards her eyes. The mascara creates the darker effect on her top eye lid, which attracts attention towards the colour of her eyes. This shows elegance and is a way of capturing the male gaze.

Adele's hair is always of a large scale, which connotes self confidence, and courage, which can inspire her song writing and represent herself as beautiful in front of her fans and the public.

My artist will replicate Adele's appearance through her simplistic fashion sense, but have large hair, and appropriately applied make up, to create attraction towards her eyes. This will enable them to fit in with the stereotypical look of that music genre, but also ensure their music is more of what is priority, rather than their looks. This then supports the innocent and cute stereotype which fan girls look for in female solo artists and bands.

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